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We depend on electricity and it becomes apparent the minute our lights go out. When we lose power to our refrigerators, air conditioning and heating systems, sump pumps or other vital systems our lives change for the worst. The solution is a powerful generator that can provide electricity to you and your family even when the power fails.


Knorr Electrical Contractors are quality installers of Siemens, Gillette, Kohler, Generac, and Honeywell Generators. We have installed these generators throughout New Jersey and can provide fully trained service technicians to repair and maintain generators for our customers.


Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable on all aspects of sizing, load management, utility requirements, and local codes allowing them to present complete and accurate information to our customers.


Generator programs include:


  • Free In-home consultation

  • All necessary plans and permits

  • Installation of home generator and fuel supply

  • Generator maintenance program safety & reliability

Meter, Panel & Generator Service

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